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HIWIN supplies many hi-tech industries with critical components for machine tools, medical equipment, vending machinery, material handling, and the automotive industry to name a few.



Ball Type: -Series HG, HGL, EG, QH-QE (silent version), WE (wide version). -Sizes 15-65 -Square or Flange style bearing

For information on caring for and maintaining your HIWIN products, see our page about HIWIN grease, dust-proof accessories, and self- lubrication kits HERE

Miniature Type: -Series; MG -Sizes 7-15 -Standard and Wide version




The KK single axis robot combines both ballscrew and guideway to achieve better performance on accuracy, stiffness, rapid installation, and space saving. The optimized U-rail not only guides the movement of the slider being driven by the ballscrew, but also can be used as a structural component when assembled into a multi-axis motion system.

Easy for system design, installation and maintenance

Compact and lightweight

High accuracy and high stiffness

Well equipped with required accessories

High stiffness and lightweight structure



The SK single axis robot is identical to the KK series but incorporates Hiwin's patented SyncMotion™ Technology for quieter and smoother movement, superior lubrication and longer service life.

Easy for system design, installation and maintenance

Compact and lightweight

Quiet and smooth movement

High accuracy and high stiffness

Well equipped with required accessories

High stiffness and lightweight structure



The KA single axis robot is actuated by a motor-driven ballscrew or belt and is guided by a linear guideway. The base is made from lightweight aluminum. It is suitable for semiconductor and industrial automation applications.

Ease of maintenance

Low production cost

Long strokes

High repeatability ± 0.01mm

Multiple motor configurations



The KS single axis robot is actuated by a motor-driven ballscrew or belt equipped with a stainless steel cover strip to prevent particles from entering or exiting. Due to the dust-proof design, this type of single axis robot is ideal for the manufacturing of semiconductor equipment, LED examination equipment, medical and inspection equipment, etc.

Dust-proof design

Clean room class 1,000

Easy installation


Precision and high speed


The KU single axis robot has a lightweight construction that offers high performance in position accuracy and efficiency. This robot contains a motor-driven ballscrew module equipped with a stainless steel cover strip to prevent particles from entering or exiting.

Low production cost and compact

High performance dust-proof design

Easy installation and maintenance



The KE single axis robot offers a lightweight, compact design that allows for easy system installation and maintenance. This robot contains a motor-driven ballscrew module equipped with a stainless steel cover strip to prevent particles from entering or exiting.

Low production cost and compact

MG series guideway used

Easy installation and maintenance


Closed dust-proof design


Hiwin KM Cartesian robots are designed to be a high quality and cost effective solution for companies to integrate into their OEM systems or in house production systems. The value of these robots is that they save the customer from using their own valuable employee resources to design, source parts, and assemble their own Cartesian robot. The KM Cartesian robots utilize high quality components to maximize quality, reliability, and performance of the system.

The KM Cartesian robots are multi-axis robots consisting of KK single axis robots as their core component. They are integrated into a system with mounting brackets, sensors, cable chains, couplings, cables, motors, and drives.

Saves on cost of engineering resources

Saves on cost of assembly

Saves time sourcing multiple components for system

Hiwin servo motors and servo drives available

Incorporates rigid and low profile KK single axis robots

Available in 5 standard platform sizes

Common parts across platform sizes

System risers available

Includes cable management

Includes limit and home sensors




Screw types: Ballscrew / ACME

Protection: IP54

LAM1 series is compatible with LAK2 / LAK2LR / LAK2D / LAK2BN / LAK2J / LAK6B

LAM2 & LAM3 series are complatible with all controllers

Working temp: +5oC - 40oC

Stroke length: 100mm - 200 mm



Screw types: Ballscrew / ACME

Protection: IP20

LAI1 series is compatible with LAK2 / LAK2LR / LAK2BN / LAK2J / LAK2D / LAK6B

LAI2 series is complatible with all controllers

Working temp: +5oC - 40oC

Stroke length: 200mm - 300 mm



Screw types: ACME

Protection: IP54

LAS5 series is compatible with LAK2 / LAK2BN / LAK6B

LAS1, LAS2, LAS3, & LAS4 series are compatible with all controllers

Working temp: +5oC - 40oC

Stroke length: 100mm - 200 mm



Screw types: ACME

Protection: IP54

LAN3 and LAN3A series are compatible with LAK6B / LAK2J

LAN4 series is compatible with LAK2 / LAK2LR / LAK2D / LAK2BN / LAK2J / LAK6B

LAN1 & LAN5 series are compatible with all controllers

Working temp: +5oC - 40oC

Stroke length: 200 mm



Screw types: ACME

Protection: IP54

Compatible with all controllers

Working temp: +5oC - 40oC

Stroke length: 400mm


Headquartered in Hackettstown, NJ, Rollon Corporation is an International Group that has been designing and manufacturing power transmission products since 1975. The Company has developed many families of products capable of solving a great number of problems in machine design and mechanical fields, or wherever there is the need to move machine parts using simplicity and a low coefficient of friction. 

The majority of Rollon products are based on the general principle of a C-shaped rail with internal raceways where, depending on the application, different types of sliders can move. The main advantages of the Rollon components compared to other linear solutions on the market is that they provide products that are designed to be straight forward, compact, efficient, effective, and economical.



This linear motion guide-rail system is an easy, precision roller bearing solution that allows for rail mis-alignment in both out-of-parallel and out-of-plane conditions. With the large rolling elements used inside the ROLLON Compact sliders, dirt and contamination are less of a problem than with that of recirculating-ball carriages. Since the Compact rail sliders run on an induction heat treated steel surface, they are able to move very fast, very quite, and with an extremely low coefficient of friction. The standard "NTE" style slider has a full body lateral seal, spring energized scrapers, and a felt wick reservoir at each end for complete self-lubrication. The easy preload setting for every Compact Guide-rail slider can be set according to the exact needs of the application so as to maintain stiffness and a low coefficient of friction.


Each of the guide-rail series is known by the dimension across the back of the rail mounting surface: 18, 18mm or .71"; 28, 28mm or 1.10"; 43, 43mm or 1.69"; 63, 63mm or 2.43"


The creativity of design engineering pushes the need for a variety of motions to the limits. Standard rotary or linear motion products do not always provide an answer. That is where the Curvi Line alternative opens a variety of design possibilities. Curvi Line is the only motion solution available that can be made to your specification. This provides you with the ultimate in creativity and flexibility.

Zinc-plated rails bent to your specification in low quantities

3 or 4 lubed for life, high precision rollers

Specially designed "swivel sliders" provide consistent motion

Loads from 400N (90 lbf) to 1130N (254 lbf)

Radius as small as 120mm (4.72")

Maximum rail length 3140mm (123.6")

Standard curves of 45° and 90°

Constant radius curves

Variable and multiple radius rails



Simplicity is the distinguishing characteristic of the Easy Rail family of steel linear bearings. Designed to quickly and easily fit into demanding applications, these simple yet durable bearings provide engineers with innovative linear solutions designed to solve real world applications.
They are most suitable for applications requiring a combination of compactness, smooth movement, high load capacity, versatility, and affordability. When reliability is key and ease-of-mounting take precedence over absolute precision, Easy Rail is the ideal linear motion system.

The Easyslide family contains five different sized sections: 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 4mm, and 63mm - all of which offer linear precision of up to 100 microns and load capacities of several thousand pounds per slider. With many different slider lengths available per section, several hundred different combinations of solutions are possible.



The TEX30 offers linear whisper speeds of up to 60"/sec. Its radial ball bearings design allows for minimal friction between rail and bearing with a coefficient of friction of 0.01. Low friction provides excellent running characters even where other bearings bind or "stick".

ROLLON's size 30 X-Rail system represents one of the most suitable radial bearings design on the market presently. Yet it offers great load carrying abilities of up to 180lbs. per slider in its upright position. The rail measures a width of 1 1/8" and a height of roughly 4/5" including the slider.


The TEX30 rail is made of 316 stainless steel, its bearings of 440 stainless steel. The bearings are sealed and grease packet for life. The none harden rails make it a breeze to modify or customize them.


Telescopic Rail family is divided into the following types of products: Telescopic slides with hardened races; Telescopic slides with non-hardened races; and Semi-telescopic slides with rails that extend more than half of their length out of either side of the fixed part of the slide.

Telescopic Rails are made from cold-drawn bearing steel - never from bent sheet metal.

They have hardened 60 HRc races to provide the smoothest movement at all times.

They work well with shocks and vibrations that render other slides inoperative immediately.

They have minimal deflection at the tip of the fully extended slide - even while carrying maximum loads.

They can reach strokes of over 2 m (6.5 ft) in one direction and can double that by doing the same out the other side.

Telescopic rails are also available in custom extended or reduced stroke



Light Rail is best suited to applications where its more important to have lightweight rails than rails that can transfer high capacity loads. The Light Rail family of products offers a complete platform of light telescopic and semi-telescopic rails, all designed to provide maximum versatility.

The Light Rail family of products comprises nylon coated steel telescopic slides, ball aluminum or steel telescopic rails.



Eco System's products have been designed to fit in applications where quality movement is needed at a low price. The patented design offers a well-protected, smooth slide that is easily and quickly mounted.

Eco System combines the quality associated with all of ROLLON's products with the affordability needed in application sectors like industrial protective panels, vehicle slides, and machine tool doors.

Eco System is the answer to labor intensive, homemade solutions, cheap bent steel slides, or expensive, overdesigned round or profiled shafting.

The products were designed to keep damaging dirt and particles out. The contact between the rollers and the raceways occurs inside the specially shaped profile, protected from accidental impacts and from debris and impurities.



The Uniline System is a belt driven actuator with compact rail bearings. The A75 Uniline offers a 275"/sec. high speed and over 20 ft. long stroke design for a wide range of applications. The A75 offers load capacities of up to 1233lbs. in radial direction a and moments of up to 1849 in-lbs. in Mz direction is prefect for applications where economics play a large factor and long strokes work against most actuators. The high speed performance do not jeopardous noise, 72DBA are very quite for this fast moving system. Its large TLV43 Compact Rail system is constructed of large radial bearings that operate on a hardened steel surface and have the ability to operate in contaminated environments. The rail is placed flat against the inside bottom of the extrusion to minimize the overall dimension 2.9" x 2.9".


Bishop-Wisecarver invented the DualVee guide wheel and has been a world leader in guide wheel technology since 1970. DMT integrates three main components, the DualVee guide wheel, its DualVee mating track with patented mounting shoulder, and the DualVee support bushing. Their product line includes components, linear guides, linear systems, rotary guides and systems, and aluminum machine framing. Stainless steel, high temperature, and clean room compatible products are among Bishop-Wisecarver's more recent product introductions.  New product development continues to be an ongoing process at the Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation, with innovative designs being introduced at regular intervals.



DualVee provides users four different v guide wheel options: Original V Bearing Guide Wheels, Studded V Bearing Guide Wheels, patented Integral V Bearing Guide Wheels, and NEW patented Washdown Wheels . Wheels then run on either Single Edge Track or Double Edge Track. Wheels are mounted using Journals and Bushings. Functionality and life of your DualVee system can be increased by incorporating any of our accessory items: Wheel Covers, Lubricators, Track Plate Assemblies, and Wheel Plate Assemblies.



​GV3 provides a wide array of precision linear guide components utilizing guide wheel and roller wheel technology. Slides are available in three different precision grades, ranging from completely ground surfaces to as-drawn quality, to fit performance and economic needs. Lubed-for-life guide wheels come in twin bearings, double row bearings, and compact slimline bearings. GV3 may be used as a simple guide or as a self-actuated rack or belt driven system. To view a list of compatible slide/bearing combinations, see the GV3 mix and match chart.



Part of the new DualVee family of integral wheels, MadeWell crown rollers are available in steel (sizes 1, 2 and 3) or overmolded high performance polymer (sizes 0, 1 and 2). Like patent pending DualVee integral guide wheels, MadeWell crown rollers offer a one piece construction. The inner raceway is actually the stud (except on the smallest sizes).